Welcome to Beth Baun. The lifestyle shop with lots of personality

Beth Baun is the shop in the heart of Billund with passion for furnishing, art, fashion, and design.


Here, time never appears to stand still, neither does our selected products from Danish and international brands, with the emphasis on Danish and Nordic design, sustainability and a special story.


We are passionate about giving you as a customer the best experience in our shop, where  colours, ramifications and materials in our wide range of products create an exciting and inspiring environment.


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Who we are...

From left
Birthe, Lisbeth, Dorthe og Pia

The Team

Beth Baun


The team holder behind Beth Baun is, the enthusiastic and full of life, Lisbeth Baungaard, with a sure sense of style creates a personal shop with a driving spirit in constant flow with the sign of times. Her capacity and ability of always doing her best and happily meeting each customer at eye level, is of a special value, which she in the most brilliant way passes on to her employees. 
Dorthe is Lisbeth's right hand and a large part of the Beth Baun shop you meet today. With her capability of painting the ordinary day in colours, in addition to being the cheerful clerk with red lipstick, she gives with her paintings and quotes the store a flattering term.

Birthe is our ingenious brain, creative and the shark of photoshoots and social media. The short sprinter you'll find behind the counter, in the shop when juggling with goods or at the back being busy on instagram or our website.

Pia is Beth Baun's brave and always cheerful assistant, who boldly shows that fashion, colours and details are for everyone. She welcomes you at the door, if she is not watering all our green plants.

Why the name

Beth Baun?


Lisbeth Baungaard 

Beth Baun was born in 2001, when I with the love of furnishing and design, start as an independent decorator. Creating individual, creative and tailor-made solutions for private people and businesses were from day one the driving force in my work.


In a tiny rural shed, I open the first Beth Baun Shop of applied arts, later the dream shop in the woods on Goedding Skovvej in Randboel, the foundation to the current beautifully sited shop in the centre of Billund.   

Lisbeth, Beth Baun

Galleri Vaernhoej


Dorthe Vaernhoej, artist and fan of the daily round, has for many years developed and worked professionally with her art. With perfection and several painting techniques she moves in her works among the abstract and figurative with quirky subjects and quotes that pay tribute to everyday life. In the shop you will find both small and large paintings on canvas as well as posters and prints.

See more on vaernhoej.dk 

Dorthe Værnhøj



Help with interior design?

Beth Baun can offer inspiration and personalized décor in your home!



A home in balance with context and functional solutions requires its interior design. With many years of experience in the decoration profession, everything from small to large assignments, private and in companies, I gladly come to you with guidance specifically in lighting, furnishing, material and color choices, but also offers an overall thorough review and description of the possibilities your home opens up for.


With one to two hours of personal guidance, you will often be able to see new solutions and be inspired to get started yourself. If the task is bigger and more comprehensive I offer a finished plan put together with your personal, protected and significant stuff, along with new stuff, which can of course be returned by appointment.

Price per hour Ex VAT 600,-

Beth Baun



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